Pay yourself 10k/month without working more!

Move away from hard work and hustle and cofidently take the steps towards paying yourself what you deserve, without compromising future growth and success.


Are you ready to...

+ Create an actionable plan that will be the fastest way to paying yourself 10k/month?

+ Ditch the hard work and hustle that only incrementally grows your profits and pay?

+ Feel confident that you are taking the right steps towards consistently paying yourself 10k/month without compromising future growth and success??

Running a business takes a lot of self-belief. There is no one to tell you if you are making the right decisions, and it is difficult to know how to balance investing in your business and rewarding yourself for your hard work.

The Earnings Calculator will show you exactly how much you can pay yourself with your current revenue, and the revenue you need to pay yourself 10k/month.

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Here's what you'll get:

Income Calculator

Get clear on the income you can expect from your current revenue, as well as what your expenses and tax should be. Crucial starting point for getting you towards paying yourself 10k/month.

Revenue Calculator

Understand what revenue is required for you to achieve you desired monthly income and how you need to manage your expenses to create the right profit picture in your business.

“I have found the calculator a very positive and powerful tool.”

- Gretchen, Founder Play A

There was so much comfort in knowing what I should focus on.” 

- Lisa, Owner Acupuncture Del-Ray


I’m Hanna,

A number's geek, profit coach and a firm believer that together, we can do (so much) better.

After many years of guiding ambitious entrepreneurs, I witnessed first-hand what a time-stealer analysing numbers could be. To fix this, I developed an easy-to-use calculator that would simplify the process and make it easier for business owners around the world.

And there is absolutely no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Grab the calculator and I will show you exactly how to use it so you can figure out the steps you need to take to pay yourself 10k/month without working more.

The Earnings Calculator

Easily calculate what you should be paying yourself with your current revenue and the revenue required to pay yourself 10k/month.